My top fashion picks- JANUARY SALES!


It’s that time of year again where every one turns into savages trying to be the first one to snap up ALL the sale items from our favorite stores. But I don’t blame us, naturally we are drawn to the word ‘SALE’ which is usually hard to hide away from, so for this post I have done the hard work for you.  AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE! I always forget that sales are also online with some places offering up to 75% off…….75% OFF





River Island



Happy shopping.


The BEST tomato sauce. Made with LOVE!

Good Morning/Afternoon to you, wherever you are.

I woke up kind of late and skipped breakfast! Really need to sort out my sleeping pattern, and I actually will this time as I always say that i’ll go to bed at a ‘normal’ time to get my 8 hours of sleep and enjoy a hearty breakfast. It’s mandatory that I do sort this sleep problem out though as I’m back to University on Monday (Hooray…) back to that daily grind of commuting to London from my little flat….not in London.
But I do like commuting and have the best of both worlds, the busy city streets and then the quite quaint village with my little nest waiting for me.

BUT this isn’t a post about how much sleep I do or don’t need, it’s about the amazing pasta sauce I make at least once a week. I have tried many tomato pasta sauces, and shudder at the thought of buying one already jarred- and sometimes when you’re busy I don’t blame you or myself for reaching for the nearest Dolmio.

Some shop bought pasta sauces can be nice, but I find them riddled with additives and SO MUCH SALT. It’s like do I want some pasta with that bowl of salt i’ve just served up myself?

So here’s my own recipes for a perfect tomato sauce featuring two little tweaks you can do to create something more than just a bowl of tomato pasta. I just made this so it’s fresh and tasty, as it always should be.


1 can of Chopped tomatoes – A good one!

2 Bulbs of garlic

Fresh Basil- fresh is best!

A little drop of extra virgin olive oil

1 onion, chopped

1 teaspoon of honey- goes well with the tomatoes (and Chili if you’re using it)

Glug of good passata!

Salt & Pepper


-Dried chili flakes/ Fresh Chili – Makes an awesome Arrabiata and adds some spice.

-A glug of red wine- Creates a richer flavor, and who doesn’t like a drop of wine?

-After cooking crumble some feta cheese into the sauce- SO tasty.


1- Heat the oil and fry the onion and garlic for around 5 minutes until soft

2. Add the chopped tomatoes and then add salt to taste, you don’t want to over do the salt as the flavor you are looking for is rich tomato goodness. Add some pepper if you like too.
Then tear in your fresh Basil and add your drop of honey and let the magic simmer down until thick. (Add other variations here too!)

3.After the sauce has started to thicken add a little passata to bring it back to life again.

4- Shaken or stirred? Add your pasta, my favorite is wholewheat fusilli! And enjoy.

This sauce can also be put away for a later date, keep it in a jar and put in the fridge but use within 3 days and also can be frozen to get out at last minute when you have no time to cook.

(excuse the no photos, I ate the pasta before I had a chance to take one)

Have a lovely day.

XO Little Falafel. ❤

Meeting someone new. *Love potion for the soul*

Okay so i’m not a dating expert, I’ve had literally the worst luck with guys and always end up questioning ‘whats wrong with me?’ (and my sanity) and It turns out it’s nothing I’ve directly done (SOBER) I must stress this though, i’m not saying i’m perfect, I have so many flaws but i’m learning to accept them now as it makes me who I am. I’m a unbelievably awkward person at first glance/encounter but beneath it I can be hilarious and crazy- But in the best way.

I have a hard time accepting myself for who I am, one day i’ll like how I look and the remainder days i’ll just try and cover up every mirror and hide away. I don’t know why I’m always seeking for acceptance or perfection, cos the anti-climax of life has it’s way of not existing.

Learning to accept yourself is the first rule, the next is up to you to show the person who you are so they like you for you. I know at first usually people try to be the best of themselves, so the person who you are meeting for a date for example only see’s that. I think this is just false advertisement as it only shows this ‘BEST’ side, i’m not saying that you have to reveal all of yourself but your true colours should make some sort of appearance.

The second I’ve learned is to say how you are actually feeling. For example I met a guy a while ago and I became friends with them and they liked me too, which you think would be perfect.
But for me, if someone likes me I have this tendency to run away from it. The thought of it scares me so much, So i run away and then when I’ve realized that I’ve pushed the person away they either get sick of my ways or they’ve given up on me. Sad but true, and this is something  I’ve tried to change. Especially lately when meeting someone new the best thing I could of done was to tell them how I felt, make sure you’re sober doing it though as the time I did….lets just say there wasn’t much alcohol left (or dignity)
A good ol’ cringey conversation about feelings can also give your love interest and idea of honesty and also you will know where you stand with them.
Don’t be afraid of how you feeling, take me for example and you’ll end up losing them.

Who knows who you will meet in 2014.


Welcome 2014

Hello 2014, what do you have in store for me this year? 
I never make any resolutions but this year I have decided to, I’m going to focus on the internal change rather than a external one this is due to me in order to look happy and healthy my brain needs to be both of those things. 
I’m going to start by focusing on myself, what do I want, what do I need in order to achieve the goals i’m setting myself. These goals being 

  1. Gain confidence, people aren’t always looking at you/judging.
  2. ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’ needs to be printed onto my eyelids so when I wake feeling a little rubbish I need to remember that in order to grow you need to get out more, do things and gain new experiences. 
  3. POSITIVITY, seriously need some of that baked in a cupcake. 

I’m going to buy some books in order to change my mentality, I want to free my mind and live my life without the constant fears of failing, my weight, how I look. As a human I am much more than that. I need to learn to love myself- and just maybe try and juggle loving someone else. 

I want to change my mind this year and become a healthier person

More recipes coming soon! I would be baking today but i’m not very well, but fingers still remain so I can type….

Happy new year to you all.




Haven’t posted due to Christmas Festivities, I had a lot of fun….and FAR too much alcohol. 
So in order to start this properly today will start with a lovely green smoothie. 

Try this one out 🙂 (and it’s vegan)

1 small head of lettuce, chopped into a couple sections

1 banana, ripe

1 cup blueberries, frozen

1/2 cup mango, frozen

1 tablespoon chai seeds

1 1/2 cup water

Great to get out of bed for and this morning I woke nice and early for my day and even went to bed before 4AM (I haven’t been sleeping well lately) and i’m proud of myself for getting around 8 hours of sleep! Hooray! 
Despite time going to quickly today It’s kind of a good thing as i’m seeing a friend in London which should be good. 

Happy Sunday. 




Hectic Xmas update!

So I bought all my ingredients to make said recipes in previous post only to find that I didn’t have time as I was busy with my Grandma and Gramps arrival and also present wrapping. 
Even though a little late I will still be cooking up the little filo mincemeat treats which will be made on Boxing day…..finally!
I’m looking forward to the festivities and food (and alcohol!) and obviously the cliched line ‘spending time with the family’ can’t wait to see everyone though and give my gifts. I upped my game with the wrapping this year and decorated the parcels with lovely ribbons and butterflies which I got from an old necklace and securely glued them to some presents. They look so cute.

I’m at my other nans now currently and the tree as ever is amazingly done and pretty, also she has some really adorable decorations around the house and the traditional ‘Stop here Santa’ sign out the front of the house. All my dads side are coming over tomorrow evening for a Cheese and Wine night for Christmas eve, it’s a family tradition to all get together the night before. 

I hope everyone has a lovely day, may your stomachs be full with food and your soul filled with happiness. 


With four days approaching it would only be right for me to post some Christmas recipes, tomorrow I shall be baking my low fat version of the Christmas pie and creating some apple cup which are both ideal for a snack or a post Christmas dinner dessert- that’s if you’re stomach hasn’t grown 47x bigger than before.

This year I can’t wait for all the fresh veggies we bought today at the farm market to be roasted and ready for eating, also I think i’m having a qourn ‘chicken’ style roast or a nut one, either or and i’m happy. 
It’s really nice having a family of meat eaters who actually respect me being a vegetarian- and I get to avoid the duck fat engrossed potatoes (the thought of it makes me feel a bit queasy!). 

I always wonder what off veggies have for their roast dinner? Comment below! 
Can’t wait to share my recipes with you.