So it’s cold outside but….

So it's cold outside but....

I didn’t sleep Friday night and woke up super later today to make up for it.
I am a little Sunday sloth today and was craving coffee (as per usual) but I wanted some sort of milkshake and remembered how much I love creamy frappes!
I have a lot of milk in my fridge at the moment which needs to be used up as I live alone so this is the best use for that.

I used cows milk in this recipe but obviously if you’re vegan just omit the milk and swap it for some delicious almond milk- which is super tasty and i’m gutted I don’t have any in at the minute.

-Milk- for one person 200ml
-COFFEE (make sure it’s the good kind)
-SUGAR to taste (or honey, agave…)
-ICE ICE BABY- a fair few cubes.

Obviously you’ll need a blender/electric wisk.

1. Boil your kettle up and get a mug. Put in as much coffee as you’d like and sugar and add a little boiling hot water in order to dissolve.
2. Once you’ve done this pour it into the blender and add the ice and other ingredients- At this stage you could also add some flavored syrups to change the flavor. Caramel is great and also CHOCOLATE!
3. BLEND until smooth. Enjoy with in a tall glass with a straw….everything tastes better with a straw. 😉



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