TED BAKER MAKEUP! 1920’s inspired.

TED BAKER MAKEUP! 1920's inspired.

So I got a Ted Baker makeup kit for Christmas which is 1920’s themed. I was anticipating how well the products would be considering the brand is a clothing one. I was attracted firstly to the lipstick which came in a crayon form and is darker than the usual red/coral lipstick I religiously use. It was refreshing to try and different shade and the one I used here has a plum tone to it.

Next I tried the Illuminating liquid which I only assumed to be used as a highlighter. It came in the same bottle as a nail varnish did, it was smooth and easy to apply and gave a subtle glow to my check and eye area.

Lastly I used the eyeliner and was really surprised at how good it was as I currently use the ‘Be a Bombshell’ felt tip eye pen. Unlike my usual pen eyeliner the brush was really thin which allowed me to precisely perfect the cats eye flick I was going for.



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