Welcome 2014

Hello 2014, what do you have in store for me this year? 
I never make any resolutions but this year I have decided to, I’m going to focus on the internal change rather than a external one this is due to me in order to look happy and healthy my brain needs to be both of those things. 
I’m going to start by focusing on myself, what do I want, what do I need in order to achieve the goals i’m setting myself. These goals being 

  1. Gain confidence, people aren’t always looking at you/judging.
  2. ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’ needs to be printed onto my eyelids so when I wake feeling a little rubbish I need to remember that in order to grow you need to get out more, do things and gain new experiences. 
  3. POSITIVITY, seriously need some of that baked in a cupcake. 

I’m going to buy some books in order to change my mentality, I want to free my mind and live my life without the constant fears of failing, my weight, how I look. As a human I am much more than that. I need to learn to love myself- and just maybe try and juggle loving someone else. 

I want to change my mind this year and become a healthier person

More recipes coming soon! I would be baking today but i’m not very well, but fingers still remain so I can type….

Happy new year to you all.




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