Hectic Xmas update!

So I bought all my ingredients to make said recipes in previous post only to find that I didn’t have time as I was busy with my Grandma and Gramps arrival and also present wrapping. 
Even though a little late I will still be cooking up the little filo mincemeat treats which will be made on Boxing day…..finally!
I’m looking forward to the festivities and food (and alcohol!) and obviously the cliched line ‘spending time with the family’ can’t wait to see everyone though and give my gifts. I upped my game with the wrapping this year and decorated the parcels with lovely ribbons and butterflies which I got from an old necklace and securely glued them to some presents. They look so cute.

I’m at my other nans now currently and the tree as ever is amazingly done and pretty, also she has some really adorable decorations around the house and the traditional ‘Stop here Santa’ sign out the front of the house. All my dads side are coming over tomorrow evening for a Cheese and Wine night for Christmas eve, it’s a family tradition to all get together the night before. 

I hope everyone has a lovely day, may your stomachs be full with food and your soul filled with happiness. 



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