Cottage Cheese Pizza topping test! (really tasty!!)



I’ve got into the habit of wanting to make my own pizza, It’s quite a fear food for myself with masses amounts of stringy cheese and despite being tasty isn’t too kind on the hips. 

I had some cottage cheese I had left over so I wanted to use it up and I had no light mozzarella so I thought ‘AHHHH COTTAGE CHEESE PIZZA TOPPING?!’ there was a sort of mystery surrounding the use of cottage cheese as a topping and i’ve often thought about it. So today after trekking back from London I was really in the mood for it. 

Of course you can make your own dough but the best ready mix dough is the Wright’s Ciabatta Bread Mix which fluff’s out more than a normal bread mix (and alot tastier too) of course you can use whatever bread mix/dough you like and if you’re feeling super healthy opt for a wholemeal one. 

Make the dough to instruction and leave to prov (rise) for about 30 minutes, roll out into your desired pizza shape as mine never are circle. 

I then add a bbq sauce as a base (or tomato puree) with garlic and topped it with the cottage cheese, peppers and sweetcorn (use whatever veggies you like) and then bake until golden brown and crispy!





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